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With the freely programmable, motor-driven container cleaner, every position in the tank can be specifically cleaned. Due to the special software, the cleaning process can be adapted to the respective cleaning task. The orbital cleaner is freely movable in both axes. Targeted cleaning of critical areas, such as B. nozzles, manholes, agitators, internals and spouts. The cleaning pattern is created individually depending on the contamination. Thus, dirt nests can be cleaned quickly and effectively.


In order to be able to react quickly and flexibly to the needs of our own customers, modern production is a basic requirement today. To achieve consistent quality, fast and effective cleaning is especially important.
For tank and container cleaning, different cleaning equipment such as spray nozzles, rotary cleaners and orbital cleaners are available.
Sensors can be used to monitor and validate cleaning.



Our Washing machines for container and industrial parts cleaning are characterized by their resource-saving consumption and their environmental compatibility.

Integrated in the production process, the continuous washing plant offers optimum washing results for the continuous cleaning of production parts, materials or containers.

Whether for the multi-stage cleaning of different workpieces or the cleaning of bulk goods and bulk solids we offer you individual investment concepts.



Our cleaning systems are designed according to your requirements and tailored to your production process. Through these individual solutions, the container cleaning can be done effectively and inexpensively.
In addition to mobile cleaning systems for tanks and containers, stationary and fully automatic cleaning systems can also be used for cleaning mixers, dissolvers and agitators.

The cleaning systems are usually retrofitted on all containers and also available on request in accordance with ATEX.



Our cleaning devices for tank and tank cleaning are available in different versions and in different materials. Cleaning devices can also be manufactured in titanium, Hastelloy or in other materials. As cleaning media, in addition to water, also acids and alkalis and solvents can be used. In addition to the standard versions, we can produce our cleaning equipment according to ATEX.



Across sectors, we are your partner for container cleaning and industrial parts cleaning. We offer z. B. for the cleaning of crankshafts, gear parts and engine parts in the automotive industry to the particular requirements and needs adapted to washing plant.

For the waste management and recycling industry we can offer tailor-made solutions for cleaning and dustbins (MGB) and dumpsters.

Continuous washing systems can be used, among other things, for the cleaning of small load carriers (KLT) in the transport and logistics industries.


CIP (cleaning in place)

cleaning in Place (CIP) is a concept for cleaning plants without dismantling them.

This is called a circulation cleaning or circulation and circulation cleaning.
The CIP process consists of various purification steps. As a rule, the cleaning takes place fully automatically and is integrated into the production process.