Our parts washing and cleaning systems can be found in almost all areas of industry. The designs of the washers and cleaning systems are adapted to individual requirements. A small overview you get from different practical examples.

Paint processing industry

In order to meet the high quality requirements of the end customer, an effective and thorough cleaning of the Mixer tank and mixing container is essential.
For this we offer a variety of cleaning solutions. Of course, our systems are also available in ATEX version.


Automotive Industry

Component cleanliness is a quality criterion in the vehicle industry.
We offer tailor-made systems that meet the different requirements in terms of efficiency and cleaning results.


Waste management

Whether in the municipal sector, recycling or the use of food waste, everywhere
various garbage cans (MGB - garbage containers) and containers are cleaned properly. From the 80 liter container to the 1100 liter container, we can offer you corresponding Garbage cans washing machines or Dumpstercontainer washing systems.



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