In the automotive as well as in the supplier industry the range of parts is very different and extensive. The same applies to the requirements of the respective cleaning process.
The different cleaning systems with the corresponding cleaning concept are designed and adapted to the respective task.
Among the items to be washed belong u. a. Crankshafts, camshafts, axles, engine blocks, housings and stamped parts.

Cleaning crankshafts

Cleaning crankshafts

During production and before hardening, the crankshaft often has to be cleaned of adhering oils or chips. Different systems with different equipment are available for these different tasks and requirements.

  • manual or automatic loading and unloading
  • Use of various cleaning media
  • desiccation
  • different filter systems for different requirements
  • different electronic controls
Cleaning punched parts in a continuous process

Cleaning of stamped parts

After the manufacturing process, the workpieces must be cleaned for further processing according to the requirements. Depending on the type of parts different metal washing systems are used. For small housings, for example, a continuous washing system with several treatment zones and different equipment.

  • different transport systems
  • several treatment zones
  • desiccation
  • chemical dosing
  • continuous bath care

automatic cleaning of crankshafts
Cleaning of stamped parts in a continuous process
Continuous washing system with wire belt
Valve terminal control washer crankshaft
Magnetic filter roller cleaning crankshafts


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