Chemical industry

In the chemical industry, the requirements for washing systems, cleaning systems and cleaning devices are particularly extensive. In addition to various materials such. Stainless steel and plastic also use special materials such as titanium and Hastelloy. The devices and components are designed individually for each case. TÜV inspections, type examinations and Ex versions are of course included in the extensive scope of delivery.

Cleaning cone mixer

Cleaning cone mixer

After filling the product, the cone-screw mixer must be automatically cleaned before the next batch. Various cleaning systems in different versions are available for this purpose. Such as.

  • Use of various cleaning media
  • 3-dimesional purification
  • Design for pressure vessels
  • electropolished surface

The picture shows the cleaned cone-screw mixer

automatic cleaning of containers on a roller conveyor

Cleaning container

Large containers are automatically cleaned after removal from the high-bay warehouse in subsequent pass-through washing system from the inside and outside. Sensors check if all preparatory work has been carried out. After the cleaning and drying process, the clean containers are removed from the roller conveyor and returned to production.


Automatic cleaning container
Cleaning cabin for containers
Cleaning tanks in the chemical industry
automatic cleaning device of a cone mixer
extended container cleaner in the cone mixer


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