Paints and varnishes

Today, the requirements for cleaning tasks in the paint and coatings industry are becoming ever more individual and extensive. ReiTec has very innovative and efficient processes for cleaning in production.

Industries - paints and varnishes

Cleaning of containers

In the paint industry, many different containers are required for cleaning. In addition to open neck containers in different dimensions and different containers are to be cleaned.
The cleaning can be done inside as well as inside and outside.


Cleaning preparation container and cleaning container

Industries - paint and varnishes

Cleaning dissolvers

The dissolver can be cleaned fully automatically after each production process. The cleaning facilities are supplied by a high-pressure pump with the necessary solvent for cleaning.


Reinigungseinrichtung für Dissolver

Industries - paints and varnishes

Cleaning in the paint kitchen

In addition to paint containers such as buckets and hobbocks, stirrers can also be cleaned fully automatically in the compact system. For manual cleaning of small parts, the system is equipped with a modern hand washing station.


Container and agitator washing system

Industries - paints and varnishes

Cleaning of machine parts

In a chamber washing system adapted to the special customer requirements, paint-soiled machine parts from a rolling mill are cleaned fully automatically.


Solvent cleaning Machine parts and ink rollers


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