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In the waste and recycling industry, different waste bins (60 - 360 l) and large waste containers (660 - 1100 l) have to be cleaned. The requirements for the cleaning of waste bins and waste containers are very different according to the requirements and range from simple cleaning to cleaning with subsequent disinfection.

The selection of the right cleaning system depends i. a. of the size of the containers to be cleaned, the requirement for purity and the throughput.

For every usage we can offer you the ideal solution for you.

Cleaning MGB, interior cleaning garbage bin

ReiTec cleaning station type MGB Start

  • low acquisition costs with high utility value
  • low water consumption by using an orbital cleaner
  • maintenance
  • Exterior cleaning with high pressure hand lance
  • different cleaning times adjustable
  • easy handling
  • stainless steel
Emptying MGB, emptying garbage bin 120, 240 liters, automatic cleaning

ReiTec cleaning station type MGB 120/240

  • power-driven dumping of the MGBs
  • short interior cleaning through nozzle
  • automatic transverse displacement in cleaning chamber
  • targeted internal cleaning by HD spray head
  • targeted external cleaning by vertically movable nozzle system
  • Version for mounting on a receiving bunker


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