Cleaning machines

Today, cleaning machines for industrial parts cleaning are an important component in the various manufacturing processes. It is all the more important to use systems that optimally meet the respective requirements. In addition to standard systems that can be equipped with extensive options, however, often individual requirements also require individual solutions. This is natural for us and not new.

Continuous washing machines

Continuous washing machines are suitable for the continuous industrial cleaning of different production parts and workpieces. With appropriate add-on elements, these systems can be quickly and easily integrated into the modern production process.


Chamber washing machines

Chamber washing machines are suitable for. As for the pre-, intermediate and final cleaning in production processes and maintenance. Due to different expansion stages and extensions, the systems can be quickly and easily adapted to individual requirements.


Rhönrad cleaning machine

Rhönrad cleaning machines are comparable to chamber washing systems. In the Rhönrad cleaning machine the laundry is rotated or pivoted depending on the possibility and requirement. By this type of cleaning, even large and scooping parts can be cleaned very well.


Step Washing machine

Step Washing machine are usually designed as a rotary transfer system with several chambers.
These innovative systems can be easily integrated into the production chain and guarantee the highest possible machine utilization.

Diving washing machines

In diving washing machines, the laundry is lowered into the cleaning basin. Short strokes (oscillation) of the loading platform ensure effective cleaning of the laundry.
This effect can be enhanced by ultrasound in its effect.


Drum washing machines

Drum washing machines are suitable for the cleaning of bulk goods and bulk materials. In special versions, the drum washing machines can also be used for the cleaning of e.g. Glass breakage are used in the recycling industry.



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