Continuous cleaning machine

Continuous washing machine

Our continuous washing machines are equipped with various conveyor systems, such as Wire straps, conveyor belts, chain conveyors, roller conveyors, etc. designed. The systems are suitable for all workpieces that have to be cleaned from all sides. Thanks to the individual transport system in combination with the corresponding nozzle systems, a wide variety of laundry items can be cleaned.

To be cleaned, for example

  • covers
  • Container
  • cover
  • KLT containers
  • transport container
  • waves

The continuous washing systems are available in a multitude of different sizes and versions, even with several treatment zones.
The nozzle system is always arranged and designed so that all wettable surfaces are properly cleaned.

Numerous accessories such as

  • suction
  • Extension frame
  • bath care
  • dosing
  • filter systems
  • Material flow
  • steam condenser
  • controls
  • drying process

complete the extensive range of products and services.

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