Dry cleaning machine

Dry cleaning machines

Our dry cleaning systems are designed for the cleaning of
suitable workpieces in the machining industry. Due to the various possibilities in the manufacturing such. Wet processing with emulsions, oil or minimal quantity lubrication leaves unwanted residues such as emulsions, oils and chips on the workpieces for further processing.

These residues can affect the subsequent manufacturing process.

The dry cleaning systems allow fast and inexpensive cleaning and drying of the components. The impurities are blown off by special air sound systems. The air required for cleaning is produced inexpensively by special blowers.

To be cleaned, for example

  • axes
  • crankshafts
  • piston
  • camshafts
  • cylinder heads

The dry cleaning systems are available in different sizes and designs. The compact design allows easy integration into the manufacturing process.

Dry cleaning systems offer u. a. the following advantages

  • Higher service life of the processing fluids
  • No use of chemistry
  • Recovery of the processing fluids
  • Cleanliness in production
  • Quality improvement
  • Avoidance of liquid entrainment in production


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