Rhönrad washing machine

Rhönrad washing machine

Our Rhönrad cleaning machine are designed for the cleaning of different and creative workpieces from the production. The laundry is fed through a respective individual workpiece carrier of the system. Depending on the design of the systems, a wide variety of workpieces can be cleaned.
To be cleaned, for example

  • axes
  • container
  • casing
  • transmission
  • waves

The Rhönrad washing machines are available in different sizes and versions with several tanks.
Depending on the requirement and type of laundry, the workpiece is swiveled or completely rotated. For each treatment process, the systems have a separate nozzle system with its own storage tank.

Paying travel accessories such as

  • suction
  • Extension frame
  • Chemical dosages
  • Material flow
  • steam condenser
  • control
  • dryings

complete the extensive range of products and services.

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